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Heating and Hot Water System

In the system of heating and hot water supply of housing, Varme-24 is our network system hot water to make hot water in the plan and the heat source was installed on the roof or in the basement of the building, do the heating and hot water supply circulation to each unit it. Safety and security and that do not have a burning appliances in the dwelling unit, hot water supply and heating achieve a comfortable 24 hours a day. Click for more information

The hot water supply and heating system with hot water. Because it does not have a combustion equipment in the room, and shut out the fire, it is a highly secure system.

The adoption of (floor heating panel heater) radiation heating equipment, there is no winding-up of such unpleasant Dust and dirt, and provides comfortable heating friendly people. In addition, the hot water can be used fully 24 hours a day, there is no combustion equipment that you say the noise.

And size of the heat source equipment, the construction of water transport system of its own, to reduce the running costs significantly compared to conventional systems. In addition, for free, by the large purchase contracts, cost reduction further possible selection of combustion of heat source equipment.

A hybrid of natural and energy (oil / gas) fossil fuel with the conventional (solar / biomass, etc.), and reduce CO2 emissions significantly. To reduce the load on the global environment to as it is a comfortable living.